Top 10 Keyword Research tips in 2017

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Top 10 Keyword Research tips in 2017

Keyword Research is one of the first steps taken by any digital marketer when starting on a new project.

If you ever talked to a digital marketing expert or agency to help you on a SEO or PPC campaign, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is what are the main keywords you want to be targeting.

Choosing the right set of keywords to work with could make or break a business in the online world.

Keywords chosen should be used in most of the websites content to describe what this business has to offer, that way Google can understand what your website is actually providing to its customers.

Let’s get straight to the point and list those tips for you.

Free Keyword Research Tips and Tools


Don’t rely 100% on Google’s Keyword Planner.

The reason we say that you should not fully rely on Googles Keyword Planner is because most of what will be listed will be basic variations of your keywords. For example, if your keyword is SEO then you’ll get stuff like free SEO, SEO 2017, etc.

Not saying that whatever keywords you get are not important but usually most of them are pretty generic and would be really hard to rank for and you probably would have known most of them without even checking the tool.

The second reason would be that nearly all your competitors have access to those exact same keywords and would most probably rely on just the keyword planner to find their keywords.


Search related to or suggested.

Whenever you search for something on Google at the bottom of the page you will see a set of keywords listed. Those keywords or key phrases are what Google believes are relevant to the keyword used.

So if you have those keywords in your content your basically telling Google that your content is more relevant to what user might be looking for.

Google Suggestion as a Keyword Research Tool

Google and YouTube auto complete.

A similar strategy to the suggested keywords, On this tip all you have to do is go to a Google search bar and type in a keyword but don’t press the enter button.

What you’ll see is a list keywords or phrases Google is predicting that might be what you are looking for. Those predictions are mostly what people are searching for on Google.

Both tip 1 and 2 are ways of getting keywords from Google that Google doesn’t show you when using the keyword planner tool.

Google Predictions as a Keyword Research Tool

This is a mostly free to use tool and one of the tools we use the most in Lead SEO when it comes to keyword research. Click here to check it out


  • Its FREE. (mostly)
  • You can get ideas for not only google but YouTube, Bing, Amazon and Apple store.
  • Their customer service team are phenomenal.
  • User friendly
  • Shows suggestions for Egypt
  • Results are pretty accurate.


  • No con’s as far as we can tell except that some extra features need to be paid for like seeing the Search Volumes and CPC.

Our second best tool, this tool gives you a list of suggested keywords in alphabetical order that you can easily download as a CSV file and sort out later. Click here to check it out.

Note: you can download a chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere that will show you monthly volume and CPC.


  • Totally FREE.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ability to export to CSV.
  • Extension Compatibility.


  • Doesn’t show suggestions for Egypt, but you can still get great ideas.


LSI Graph

Easy and effective way of finding long tail keywords to have natural looking content with useful keywords listed. Click here to check it out.


  • FREE
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to export to CSV


  • Doesn’t show suggestions for Egypt, but you can still get great ideas.


Answer The Public

Another free tool, this tool is amazing in the way it filters suggestions showing you results in three different categories questions, prepositions and alphabetical. Click here to check it out.


  • FREE
  • Very visual
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to save visuals


  • Doesn’t show suggestions for Egypt, but you can still get great ideas.


Try using forum threads, Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit

Most Google queries are in the form of questions, where else do people go searching for answers on the internet?

whenever a forum thread is created it is usually there to discuss a certain issue that someone is facing. Searching for related forums for your industry could shed light to what kind of keywords or key phrases people use in your industry.

The same applies for the rest Quora and Wikipedia

wikipedia as a keyword research toolFor Example your selling ERP Software here are some keywords people might be searching for.

Here you could use these words and come up with a few keywords like,

Materials Management System or Inventory Management System.

Paid Keyword Research Tips and Tools


One of the strongest SEO tools used by SEO experts all over the world. When it comes to keyword research SEMRUSH shines in giving you in depth details on what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Focusing on those keywords and trying to outrank your competitors is a must.

SEMRUSH comes with a 30 day free trial check it out here.


Moz Open Site Explorer

Moz  is one of the world’s first professional SEO apps used by SEO experts. One of their Moz Pro tools that you have to pay for is Open Site Explorer it gives you the ability to find out more about the keywords your competitors are planning to rank for.

In the past backlinks were and still are to the most part a huge factor when it comes to how Google ranks websites. Nowadays SEO experts have also concluded that internal website linking is also a huge ranking factor.

When a website has internal links pointing to important stuff usually it is done in the form of anchor text with the keyword as the text.

Using the Open Site Explorer you can use the anchor text tab to find out what your competitors are using as anchor text keywords.

You can get your 30 day trial with Moz here.

Thank you

We hope that the tips we provided you with in this article would help you out when your researching keywords in the future or help you better optimize your website.

Please let us know what you think and if there is something you want us to add.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Keyword Research tips in 2017

  1. It’s a great Tips & Idea, SEO is part of da life now, and we should always Choose the right keywords before we decide to work on it.

    Keywords as it is named ” Key of da search ”
    Paid Keywords is just wasting your money for Less work.

    1. Hey Ehab

      Thank you glad you liked the article. I agree, 90% of people skip the paid ads and go to the natural placements right away SEO is the way to go.

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